Our Five Star Oriental Rug Cleaning

On-Site Area Rug Cleaning

There are a few reasons why on-site rug cleaning would be a great choice. Most synthetic rugs such as bath mats, runner rugs, and entry rugs can easily be cleaned on-site at your home or business. We can remove them from the room they’re in and clean them in the garage or on the driveway. If the rug sets on top of carpet that we are cleaning as well, we’ll place the rug in another area to dry so both the rug and carpet dry properly.

Some natural fiber rugs can be cleaned on-site too. However, we have to check to make sure there aren’t any issues some natural rugs are known for. We are experts in oriental rug cleaning and will always recommend the best solution for your rugs.

Off-Site Area Rug Cleaning

Our off-site rug cleaning is where we pick up your rugs for cleaning and clean them at our facility. Here are just some of the benefits to our off-site rug cleaning service:

  • Multiple Cleanings – if your rugs need multiple treatments and processes to become clean we can do this efficiently and with care.
  • More control of variables – there are some rugs that cause unusual issues like bleeding or shrinkage that we can control in our facility.
  • Rapid drying – some rugs dry better if they’re hung like laundry on a clothesline while some need to be laid flat to dry. We have the space and equipment to dry your rug properly.
  • We offer rug pick up, delivery, and re-placement of the rug after it is cleaned.

Protecting Your Rugs and Investment

Woven rugs can be a significant investment, especially the more rare and older rugs that have been passed down from generation to generation. Quality oriental rugs require proper professional care so that they aren’t damage and retain their value.

Protecting your rugs is a great way to resist soiling, liquid spills, and other mishaps. Our fabric protector is specially made for area and oriental rugs to provide them the best protection for long lasting enjoyment.

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